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Daily Activities 

The foremost activity of the residents are to make their living out of tourists. By making a attractive display of items, they make the picnickers to buy things. All the commodities are brought from far away places, cleaned properly and arranged in such way that it invites visitors to purchase. Woollen material, Flowers, Vegetables, handmade articles, hot snacks, children toys, medicinal herbs and oils, almost all can be seen in street side small shops. In a nutshell the daily activities of Kodai people is centered around inflow of tourists. One could see school crowd after school hours and on weekends. In last five years the boom in hotel industry resulted in hike of workers, the owners, managers, receptionists, room boys, waiters, gardeners, cooks whose activities vary according to their profession.

Shopping Spot

The Residents of Kodai grumble since essential household things are always in short supply as everything has to come up in lorries. However the need of tourist viz, Souvenirs, gifts and momentoes can be bought easily and upto fullest satisfaction. Exquisite embroidery, home made chocolates, Kodai Cheese, enough of warm cloths, dried flowers are also available in a wide range of prices. In Anna Salai excellent fresh vegetables available in the town market of the bazaar. Eco-nut in Pt- Road has good whole foods, brown bread, Jams, Peanut, Butter, Cheese, Muffins which will be very tasty.


Kashmir Handicrafts center in Anna Salai is famous for shawls, Jewellary, Brass, Leather items, Bone and Walnut wood articles.

Cottage Crafts Shop (Anna Salai), run by the voluntary organisation Corsock, (Coordinating Council for Social Concerns in Kodai), sells goods crafted by development groups and uses the commission charged to help the needy.

On PT Rd you'll find Kashmiri shops, as well as the Potter's Shed (Time: 9am - 8pm Thu - Tue, 9am - 5pm Wed) with fine ceramics; proceeds go to help disadvantaged children.

The road leading south to the lake is sometime lined with stalls run by Tibetans selling warm clothing, Shawls and other fabrics - good, cheap stuff to keep you warm on chilly nights.

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