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Kodaikanal Lions Club 

This club started was in the year 1985. The members of this club meets 1st and 3rd Friday of every month at Garden Manor Hotel. The club is under the jurisdiction of International Lions Dt. 324B.

Kodaikanal Boat Club

This club was started in 1890 and has number of boats for the use of its permanent members. Boats can be hired for other members. There are nearly 650 permanent members. Nearby there is a restaurant. In case of emergency there are rescue parties.

Kodaikanal golf Clubs

This golf club came into existence on June 17, 1895. It has 18 holes, spread over 143 acres. This club is about 6 kms from the centre of town on the road to pillar rocks. Total length of the course is 6426 yards. Major events will be held in April, May & January and other competitions are held throughout the year. Golf classes are also offered here.

The Indian Clubs

Started in 1915 and was popular till kodaikanal club opened its membership to Indian residents. Located in Poet Thyagarajar road

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